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About Us. Our Mission.

Introducing Core and More Fitness – a haven for adults seeking to reclaim their physical well-being, whether it’s shedding excess fat, building muscle, or simply revitalizing their overall health.

Our commitment lies in your triumph, not in your setbacks. Our purpose is to facilitate your journey to success. Whether you aim to shed 20, 50, or even 100 pounds, work toward Army fitness standards, or yearn to slip back into that elegant black dress effortlessly, we’re here to steer you toward accomplishment. Unlike the letdowns of generic gym memberships or fleeting fad programs, our approach is rooted in producing tangible results, tailored to your aspirations and necessities. All of this transpires within a convivial, familial ambiance that you’ll soon consider your second home. Remarkably, more than half of our training clients gravitate to us after experiencing repetitive setbacks in their solitary endeavors.

Specializing in Crafting Fitness and Wellness

The solution you’ve been seeking resides with us! Our training facility is a sanctuary for those striving to achieve fitness, weight loss, proper exercise routines, enhanced lifestyles, healthier dietary habits, and an unparalleled sense of well-being. Our studio ensures your privacy, eliminating the struggle for equipment sharing and accommodating same-day session bookings, eradicating any excuses for missed workouts. In reality, these attributes are integral components of each program we offer. We seamlessly weave them into a comprehensive action plan encompassing cardiovascular and resistance training, flexibility, and mobility exercises, all synergistically guided by professional coaching. This comprehensive strategy is exclusively tailored to you.

We Specialize Getting People Fit & Healthy

Unlocking the Solution Tailored for You! Our training facility serves as a hub where individuals embark on a journey to attain fitness, shed unwanted weight, cultivate proper exercise techniques, enhance their lifestyles, adopt healthier eating habits, and bask in exhilaration! Ensuring your privacy, our studio eliminates equipment-sharing conflicts, and our clients can conveniently schedule same-day sessions, leaving no room for workout excuses. Remarkably, these facets are integral to every program we offer. Additionally, our clients enjoy access to our Fit3D scale, ensuring precise measurements. We intricately weave all these elements into a cohesive action plan, encompassing cardiovascular and resistance training, flexibility, mobility exercises, and expert coaching – designed exclusively for you!

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