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Core & More Fitness is a locally owned Health and fitness company focusing on Movement-based training for a more functional and safe approach to personal training and group fitness. We look at health & fitness as a whole and strive to pay attention to every tiny detail that goes into getting you the results you want, from Injury Rehab/Prevention and corrective exercises to mobility and sports-specific training and even diet and nutrition, as well as high intensity “boot camp” style training. Core & More Fitness provides personalized training sessions of 30 and 55 minutes, available exclusively through scheduled appointments. Additionally, we have reduced-rate options for small-group sessions. To enhance your experience, we offer access to Fit3D technology and fitness apps, enabling seamless progress tracking.

Fitness Consultation (Scheduling Fee: $10.00) 

Conducted a brief survey and discussion, your designated personal trainer will lead you through a fundamental evaluation encompassing push, pull, press, balance, and endurance assessments. This evaluation aids in determining the optimal program for your needs. Consultations typically span 30 to 60 minutes, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. Prior registration and scheduling are prerequisites for participation.

55 Minute Personal Training $70-85 per session

Experience a dynamic 55-minute workout that will push your fitness boundaries. This high-intensity session combines cardio, strength training, and core exercises to maximize your results. You’ll sweat, you’ll challenge yourself, and you’ll leave feeling accomplished. With expert guidance from our trainers, each minute is optimized for your fitness goals. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey, this workout is designed to boost your endurance, build lean muscle, and leave you energized for the day ahead. Join us for a transformative 55-minute fitness experience that will keep you coming back for more.

30 Minute Personal Training $45-50 per session

“Maximize Your Time, Maximize Your Results! Embrace the Power of 30-Minute Personal Training – Quick, Efficient, and Transformational. Stay on Course with Customized Programs, Fitness App Integration, Engaging Homework, and the Precision of Fit3D Scale Measurements.

Partner Training $30-35 per person

“Join our dynamic 30-minute Fitness Partner Training session, a unique fitness experience designed for 1 to 3 participants. This intimate setting ensures personalized attention and the flexibility to accommodate varying group sizes. Our certified trainers will guide you through a workout tailored to your individual goals, whether it’s building strength, improving endurance, or enhancing overall fitness. No matter how many attendees, our Fitness Partner Training offers a supportive environment where you can challenge yourself and work towards your fitness goals together.

Class Workouts $10-20 per class

Immerse yourself in impactful 30-minute workouts during our classes, especially around bolstering strength and endurance. Leveraging the proficiency of our certified personal trainers, these sessions are designed to optimize your outcomes. Each class accommodates a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring personalized attention. We advise potential attendees to undergo a fitness consultation for our High-Intensity classes beforehand. Prioritizing safety is our foremost concern.

Optional Memberships for Discounted Savings

Tools & Training

We provide access to the Fit3D scale, a comprehensive measurement tool, fitness apps for session scheduling, and fitness homework. These resources are pivotal in monitoring your advancements and maintaining your commitment. Our enthusiasm for technology underscores our commitment to your success.

Save 10% off Personal Training with one of our optional memberships! No annual contracts!

Jacobs Ladder

$50 Per Month
10% off PT
Includes 5 group classes Per Month


$99 Per month
10% off PT
Includes 12 group classes Per Month

Personal Trainer
C & M Premier

$189 per month
Unlimited Classes
Includes 3 Partner Sessions Per Month

Our classes are designed to best accommodate individuals with some prior fitness experience and are free from injuries. Before joining our classes, we kindly request that you partake in a fitness consultation. Please note that our classes can accommodate a maximum of 8 participants. Our class timings are Monday to Friday at 5:30 AM and 6 PM and Saturdays at 8 AM and 9 AM. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Stretch Revive – 40-Minute Quick Recharge

Stretch Revive is a rejuvenating 30-minute class designed to awaken your body, release tension, and provide an instant energy boost. In this express stretching session, you will revitalize stretches that target key muscle groups, promote flexibility, and invigorate your entire being.

Class Times: Monday at 12:15 & 6 PM

Cardio HIIT Machine

This 30-minute class is a high-intensity workout that will challenge you to burn calories and build strength and endurance. You will use a variety of cardio and strength machines while formatted music keeps you on track.

The class starts with a warm-up, followed by high-intensity intervals. You will work your heart and lungs as you alternate between short bursts of intense activity and rest periods. The instructor and the music will guide you through the exercises, so you don’t have to worry about counting reps or keeping track of time. You will leave the class feeling energized and accomplished, and you will have burned many calories quickly.

This class is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle, and lose weight. It is also a lot of fun! If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding workout, this class is for you.

Class Time: Tuesday at 5:30 AM

Low-Impact Sculpting

Low-impact sculpting is a great way to get a full-body workout without putting too much stress on your joints. This 30-minute class uses your body weight or very little resistance to help you eliminate excessive fat, strengthen your muscles, and contour your body.

The class starts with a warm-up to get your body moving and your blood flowing. Then, you will move on to a series of exercises targeting all major muscle groups. The low-impact exercises are easy on your joints, but they are still challenging enough to help you build muscle and burn fat.

After the strength-training exercises, you will cool down with some stretching. This will help your muscles recover and prevent soreness.

Low-impact sculpting is an excellent workout for people of all fitness levels. It is a safe and effective way to improve overall health and fitness. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding workout that won’t put too much stress on your joints, then low-impact sculpting is an excellent option.

Class Times: Tuesday at 6 PM

Full Body Resistance

This class is a great way to get a full-body workout. You will use dumbbells and a mat to work your major muscle groups, including your chest, back, arms, legs, and core. The class is designed to be challenging and not intended for beginners. The instructor will modify the exercises so that you can work independently.

The class starts with a warm-up to get your body moving and your blood flowing. Then, you will move on to a series of strength-training exercises. These exercises will be done in circuits, each consisting of 1-2 sets. You will do each exercise for 15-20 repetitions, with little to no rest between exercises.

After the strength-training exercises, you will cool down with some stretching. This will help your muscles recover and prevent soreness.

The class is designed to hold up to 8 people, so you will have plenty of space to work out. The instructor will NOT be able to give you individual attention to help your form.

Class Times & Days offered: Wednesday at 12:15 & Saturday at 8:00 AM

Full Body Blast

This 30-minute class combines full-body strength training with cardio bursts to tone your body and improve your endurance. You will be challenged to work your entire body, from your core to your limbs. The class is designed to be fun and challenging; you will leave feeling accomplished and energized.

The class starts with a warm-up to get your body moving and your blood flowing. Then, you will move on to a series of strength-training exercises. These exercises will target all major muscle groups, including your chest, back, arms, legs, and core. The exercises are high-intensity, so that you will be working hard, but you will also be having fun.

The class is designed to be challenging but safe for people of all fitness levels. The instructor will modify the exercises so that you can work independently.

Class Times: Wednesday at 6 PM & Thursday at 5:30 AM

Body sculpting, this 30-minute class, also known as weight training, is a form of exercise that uses external weight or resistance to stress the muscles. This stress causes the muscles to adapt and grow, resulting in newly toned or sculpted muscles. Body sculpting can help you get in shape, tone your body, and lose weight.

Class Time: Thursday at 6 PM

Core Flex Balance Fusion is a 30-minute fitness class that offers a gentle, easy-flowing workout that improves flexibility, balance, and core strength. This class is perfect for those seeking a low-impact exercise routine using body weight, and bender ball.
Class Times: Fridays at 6 AM

The 50/50 Sculpt & Stretch class is a unique fitness experience designed to provide a balanced and effective workout in just 40 minutes. This small group class, limited to 8 participants, is the perfect blend of strength-building sculpting exercises and rejuvenating stretching routines. Whether you want to tone and strengthen your body or enhance your flexibility and mobility, this class has something for everyone.

Class Structure:

Warm-Up (5 minutes): The class begins with a dynamic warm-up to prepare your body for the workout. You’ll engage in light cardiovascular movements and mobility exercises to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of injury.

Sculpting Segment (20 minutes): The first half of the class focuses on sculpting your body. You’ll use dumbbells and bodyweight exercises to target major muscle groups. Expect exercises like squats, lunges, planks, and more to build strength, improve endurance, and boost metabolism.

Stretching Segment (20 minutes): After a challenging sculpting session, it’s time to unwind and improve flexibility. The stretching segment includes a combination of static and dynamic stretches to help alleviate muscle tension, improve your range of motion, and enhance overall mobility. You’ll work on flexibility in critical areas like hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and back.

Class Times: Saturday at 9:45 AM

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