Core and More Fitness


Kim J.

Personal Trainer

Kim J., your dedicated Personal Trainer based in Orlando, Florida at Core & More Fitness, has been passionately devoted to fitness since 1987. Her journey began with teaching workout classes and producing exercise videos, leading to her attainment of a degree in nutrition and numerous certifications including AFFA, TABATA, CYCLE, TRX, and Small Group Training.

Specializing in guiding women towards weight loss and muscle gain, Kim’s expertise shines through her commitment to her clients, all exclusively female. She prides herself on tailoring programs to suit women of all ages, including those who are pregnant, and preparing them for significant events like weddings and reunions.

Kim offers both personal training and small group sessions, each lasting 30 minutes, carefully crafted to optimize efficiency and results. Beyond the gym, Kim finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her daughter, staying active, and enjoying Bravo TV.

Embark on your journey to fitness and wellness with Kim, your trusted Orlando Personal Trainer. With her wealth of experience, unwavering passion, and personalized approach, she will guide you towards achieving your weight loss and muscle gain goals.


Kim is a great trainer. Always understand my limitations, but know when to make sure to push myself so I can get better. She has made me 10 times stronger.


I love this place! Kim is my trainer and we mix up our routines so it never gets boring. The studio is really clean and the rates are excellent. Highly recommend Kim for anyone looking for a female personal trainer.


My personal trainer Kim uses techniques that are varied and challenging, yet she takes a personal interest in helping me achieve my fitness goals.

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