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Trusted Private Fitness Studio, Senior Gym Instructors, and Personal Trainers in Metropolitan Orlando

Kick start your workout goals with Core & More Fitness and enjoy a healthier and stronger body with lasting results.At our health studio, we have private trainers and senior fitness instructors that understand our clients’ varying requirements.Whether you want to lose weight safely, build up on muscle, or a means to maintain an active regimen, our coaches are here to deliver a fitness experience that complements your needs.

At Core & More Fitness, we offer the assistance and expertise of our personal trainers to ensure you’ll get a complete workout program that benefits your lifestyle. Our private trainers in Orlando are always well versed with the latest in health, exercise, conditioning techniques, and nutrition. Every member of our team is likewise passionate about fitness, knowledgeable in proper gym instruction, and focused towards motivating you in the best possible way.

Personal Trainers


In 1997, Jason developed an interest in personal training during his time in the Army, where he led his squad through various boot camp programs and mission-specific exercises. During this period, he acquired the skills to create effective exercise programs that yielded rapid results. Following a three-year stint with the 82nd Airborne, Jason worked in a corporate gym for ten years, utilizing his knowledge of group training programs to provide personalized one-on-one training to individuals with diverse fitness goals.

Motivated by a deep-seated passion for fitness, Jason pursued a career in personal training, ultimately leading to the establishment of Core & More Fitness in 2014. Since then, he has dedicated his efforts to assisting individuals of all ages in achieving their fitness objectives through a combination of online and in-person training sessions.

Female Personal Trainer Kim


Kim boasts an impressive three decades of experience within Orlando’s fitness industry. She holds certifications from AFFA, TRX, TABATA, and Small Group training, alongside a degree in nutrition. If you’re a woman aiming for weight loss, enhanced strength and conditioning, improved stability and flexibility, or an overall boost in your health and fitness, Kim is your dedicated guide to achieving these goals. Beyond her fitness expertise, Kim finds joy in travel, running, and quality time spent with her cherished daughter.