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Trusted Private Fitness Studio, Senior Gym Instructors, and Personal Trainers in Metropolitan Orlando

Kick start your workout goals with Core & More Fitness and enjoy a healthier and stronger body with lasting results.At our health studio, we have private trainers and senior fitness instructors that understand our clients’ varying requirements.Whether you want to lose weight safely, build up on muscle, or a means to maintain an active regimen, our coaches are here to deliver a fitness experience that complements your needs.

At Core & More Fitness, we offer the assistance and expertise of our personal trainers to ensure you’ll get a complete workout program that benefits your lifestyle. Our private trainers in Orlando are always well versed with the latest in health, exercise, conditioning techniques, and nutrition. Every member of our team is likewise passionate about fitness, knowledgeable in proper gym instruction, and focused towards motivating you in the best possible way.

Personal Trainer
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Following a three-year stint with the 82nd Airborne, I ventured into the fitness industry in 2001 in Houston, TX, starting my journey with a corporate gym where I dedicated over a decade of my professional life. In 2014, I leaped and established Core & More Fitness in the Orlando area, driven by a sincere desire to assist locals in reaching their fitness aspirations. Over the years, I’ve accumulated extensive experience, dedicating countless hours to helping individuals of all ages.

My clientele predominantly consists of men around my age who share the goal of wanting to feel and look better. Recognizing people’s time constraints in their busy lives, I adopted a 30-minute session approach, a strategy I’ve successfully employed for the past decade. What you can achieve within this timeframe is astonishing.

Passionate about fitness, I enjoy combining it with my love for playing the piano. Alongside my professional pursuits, I prioritize spending quality time with my family. Fitness isn’t just a profession for me; it’s a lifestyle that intertwines seamlessly with my interests and commitment to helping others achieve their wellness objectives.

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